Soaked lips

“Why are you looking at me so curiously?” she asked rigidly. “No more reasons but when I look at you, I always see your spirit with amazing desires and it is very pleasing to my eye.” I just replied softly. She smiled, stretched and stared at me. We both laughed; it was at about noon, we were at top of hill near our school. It was really incomparable creation of nature. The scenes were fully mesmerizing. She again described the territory of our relation there. She added,” We were friends, we are friends, we will be friends; just friends forever so there is no point in realizing mine poor spirit, u know???” “I know, but love is totally illogical and irrational too, it is more than our relationship, more than our feelings. We won’t know when and how it happens. In its many forms, it encompasses our whole way of living. It is reflected in our actions, the words we use and the way we experience our life. Your existence is also an expression of love, the only real expression it can have. Everything else is an illusion.” I explained her by using all the philosophies I had ever known. She surprised and again asked,” Asoc, what happened you today? Why are you being so emotional? Do u really love me?” For a moment we both became silent and then laughed loudly.
It was rainy season that’s why how could we predict when it would start to rain. There had been heavy raining, we both soaked fully. She had worn white kurta suruwal so she was deeply ashamed to stay in front of me too. I looked at her face straightly. She flushed. Water specks were dropping so gently from her beautiful hair. At the moment I remembered a song by Ram Krishna Dhakal,”…..keshbata tappa chuhine pani banu lagyo malai, pani banu lagyo ………..” then I mumbled the song playing with her hair. She smiled with impressing gestures and suddenly leaned towards me. I just supported her. It was raining but I had felt so hot. This kind of hotness with eager desire I had never felt. I saw her face and found there an amazing beauty. She had closed her both eyes. I avoided her hairs from her forehead and kissed there. She smiled with closed eyes and replied towards mine neck then she said with little voice,” please hold me.” I hold her tightly. I had experienced her every breath with each heartbeat. Then she asked ,”Asoc, do you love me?” I became unable to answer. She again said,” You had agreed me that love is illogical and irrational too and we won’t know when and how it happens.” “You are more than everything that I have ever wanted. I cannot and will not let you slip through my fingers” I whispered and took her in mine lap just like a little child and kissed in her lips. There was a rhythm in which we both were lost. Those were really rare moments. Suddenly she left and asked towards me,”Asoc, How is your love?” “Kali, it is just like a red red rose.” I answered, she again smiled.

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5 thoughts on “Soaked lips

  1. Ramchandra

    Oi prakase,,if dis is true u hv done gud job my frn, it’s really interesting. I too completely rejoiced ur story while im reading here. Like sugar dissolves in water, same like that i was dissolved into ur each words. Excellent compositions keep it up.…

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