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Adventure: Defying the notions

Deepak KC, Bardiya

Writer: Deepak KC, Bardiya

Adventure’, the word itself pumps every bit of adrenaline in an adventure lover’s body and one cannot resist the irresistible temptation of contentment and glory attained in pushing his body to the limits. An adventure lover’s life is not confined to just discovering what life has in store for him but to discover what he can offer to his life. To an adventure lover, life is always a roller coaster ride and if not he makes sure that it is not a lack lustrous and a tedious daily routine. He will do everything he can to spice up and to add a new dimension to his life. Every day is a new day and life resembles a suspense thriller, with its mystery unraveling at every point and time, leaving its audience no time to be filled with disappointment and gloomy thoughts. Every day is as fresh as a morning rose and every dawn is as lightened and heightened up as flings in fire. You are simply obsessed by the obsession and you cannot help but be an adventure lover. Adventure, in my opinion does not necessarily mean you have to put your life at the brink of life and death every time. It doesn’t only imply the practices like rock climbing, canoeing, rafting, bunjee jumping, mountaineering, hiking, trekking, mountain biking etc., as many people correspond with but it can be anything that is contradictory to what you believe has been sucking up your life and anything which can rejuvenate and rekindle your feelings, your body and soul. It can be anything like running like a freak when everybody else is walking, crawling, as I prefer to say, in a crowd of monotonous people and believe me there’s nothing more adventurous than standing up against the pre-conceived notions and popular beliefs that seem to make no sense at all and that seem to make a no help at all than to make a mockery of life at every stage.

All in all, this article is dedicated to each and every adventure seeker and to those who want to live a life of their own, defying every odd and defying every notion. At the same time, it will be an attempt to redefine some popular beliefs regarding adventure and if not, bringing them down to questions, at the least.

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